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Piping Layout Design Assistance

If you have a plan to install new piping network or need modification in existing 
system then our team can provide you detailed drawings with respect to pipe
specification, pipe support selection and distribution header.
We also can provide you complete calculation with respect to Pipe friction losses,
pressure drop, temperature difference, mounting & fitting placement etc.
These calculations will help you a lot to reduce the overall cost.

Pump Selection Pumping Station Design Assistance​

How to select a most suitable pump for a particular application is very important 
decision. It needs a complete application data as well as information of best 
matching products available in market. This task becomes more crucial when we 
have to fulfill multiple applications within one plate form. Designing a pumping 
station is similar to choose salt of the earth. We have solutions in following areas 
and many more.
Irrigation Pumping Station
HVAC Plant Pumping Station

Drain Tank Design

​Drain tank designing with (i.e. size, shape,
location, operation & maintenance etc)
Drainage pump selection (i.e. type, MOC,
size, duty cycle, flow patterns etc)
Drain channels & flow rate calculation
Over all Pumping Station considerations

Drain Pumping Station

Pump Testing and Energy Saving

Water pumps consume a remarkable volume of energy and make a big 
financial impact on our energy bills. It can be controlled by performing 
periodic Pump performance audits. We help you to find out what the 
efficiency of your existing pumps is and what it should be.
We can also perform this audit for your new pumps before buying decision. All these activities are done by state of the art measuring tools and internationally recognized techniques.

Installation & Maintenance

Installation of New pumping and pipeline projects. 
Preventative Maintenance charts which can reduce 
emergency shutdowns and 
production loss. It is very useful for Municipal 
drainage system, Waste water 
treatment plants, Recycling of waste water, 
HVAC, Pharmaceutical, power .
generation plants etc.
We perform following Repairing & over hauling activities. 1. Pump and Pipe line repair work. 2. PLC programming and repair. 3. Inverter and electronic card repair. 4. Motor winding.

Revers Engineering of Pumps

If your target pump is not available or not affordable due to some reasons 
then we have the solution for it.
We have facility to re-manufacture the pumps according to your specific
requirements within affordable budgets.
3D measurement and modeling
Improve pump design with regard to material, geometry and efficiency
Quality casting and machining

Rain Gun Repairing

Repair and service Facility for Rain Gun, Sprinkler, Irrigation trolley, Automatic Valve etc is available.

About Us

The Best Pump House is a Pakistan based company involved in sales and services of fully automatic water pumps and pumping stations.